Backstage At The Grammys

WHAT THEIR NAME AGAIN? Blink-182 is back! - Bassist Mark Hoppus singe-making official, with the singer-guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker recover, with his left arm in a ring, at his side on stage during the broadcast.

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Beyonce Earns 12th Week Atop Billboard R Amp B Charts Kelly Clarkson Rocks Hot 100

According to Billboard, Beyonce Single Ladies has rebounded on the Hot 100 where it was moved by 3-2, pushing Lady Gaga Just Dance at # 4. Sasha fierce singer last album. News of 12 consecutive weeks following the last week 2X Platinum RIAA certification for the I Am. Kanye West, who will be playing in this weekend Grammy Awards, has been moved to the Hot 100 4-3...

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wants Ashley Judd To Forget About The Wolves And Think About The Children

I think you know which side was Elisabeth, and brought it out ol faithful the abortion to make his argument. Well, Ashley Judd is pro-choice, so no, shes not as angry about that, but nice try with that great leap of Lizzie. 000 children are killed in abortions, which are about wolves. Elisabeth Hasselbeck Oh, we had to go and try all those people who said that it would be boring to the session after the elections wrong, didn t you? On today episode of The View, the ladies were discussing Ashley Judds PSA for the defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, in which attacks are Sarah Palin for operation and support aircraft to hunt wolves. He said he wants celebrity Ashley Judd are strong and angry about the 260.

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A Reese Witherspoon Baby Bump

Witherspoon and her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal spent their Saturday afternoon with friends on Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA. It sort of worked. I m guessing the photo above is catching Reese Witherspoon l actress in a very unfortunate angle. I m thinking that will be some time before Reese, the mother of two children, goes for his third. First to JN pastry, a Japanese tea room and then shopping for Jake! The couple made an effort not to be too close to each other throughout the day to foil paparazzi.

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Cbss Couric Praises Barack Obama As The Anti Bush

Extremely comfortable, very concentrated. And I think that in reality is trying to be anti-Bush, because President Bush was criticized for so-ever, you know, I made a mistake. The Tuesday Evening News, Couric Obama portrayed as a victim. Appearing Wednesday on CBS Early Show, Evening News Katie Couric yet discussed the Obama White House meeting with the President regarding the withdrawal of recent Cabinet candidates: He is surprisingly relaxed. That has screwed up, has developed. Said to each person who interviewed. Its very different from that of the buttoned-up Bush White House.

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The Curious Case Of Brad Pitt He Cant Use A Computer Whats With The Stache

(Really?) The father of 6, added jokingly, I have a Blackberry. First of all, I dont really know how to operate a computer. Never. Brad Pitt revealed to Newsweeks 13th annual Oscar Roundtable last week, hes ever googled himself, let alone actually know to use a computer. ) The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button When plaintiff was asked if hed ever googled himself, he replied, dear God, No. Apparently, the publicity for his films is another thing doesn t really like Pitt or obtain. (Come on Brad, all googled them.

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